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Sunday, December 26, 2010


CINTA amt mhl nilainye...i2lh yg dbrikn olh ALLAH S.W.T kpd hmbanye...CINTA tuls x t'tuls pd p'ktaan,,tp ggl d lht pd zhrnye...krna CINTA i2 tggjwb dd mne wjdnye KESETIAAN,KEIKHLASAN, n KEJJRAN  d dlm nye..igt pd yg 1..jjr pd yg stie..stie pd yg ksh,ksh pd tg rndu..rindulah pd yg myygimu...CINTA xkn dtg klu x dcri.. CINTA jg xkn dpt klu tiada siapa yg mmbri...tp,,mncri biarlh pd yg sdi..

"love is the master key that open the gates of happiness"..
"love is more stronger thah violence"..
"love receive n loves given comprise the best form of therapy"..
"everybdy can be great bcoz anyone can serve,,
u don't have 2 have a collge dgree to serve,,
u don't have 2 make ur sbject and verb agree 2 serve,,
u only need a heart full of grace,a soul generated by love"
"love is a great beautifulifier"
"there is alwys  some madness in love,,
but there is also alwys some reason in madness"
"attention is the most basic form of love,,
through it we bless n are blessed"
"love without rules is lonesome.."

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